The All-In-One Watch for the Everyday Man

    The All-In-One Watch for the Everyday Man

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    all in one watch everyday man casio gsteel presentedby dt black v01 2xSome watches are delicate accoutrements, elevating an outfit with fine artisanship. Other watches are tools designed for precision and reliability. Still others are technological feats, containing the latest timekeeping advancements and ancillary functions. While every watch has its specialty and place, there’s only one watch that’s a perfect all-in-one accessory for the everyday man. Casio G-SHOCK’s latest entry to their G-STEEL line of premium timepieces, the GSTB100D-1A, is their most refined yet.

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    The philosophical tenet behind Casio’s G-SHOCK line is that watches should never break. Today, this means a watch has to be ready for whatever might be thrown at it—everything from a day at the office to a sudden surf trip to catch a swell or a camping trip to the woods. Made of sturdy materials and featuring a revolutionary shock resistant case design (which separates key components from the case walls) and structural reinforcement at key areas, G-SHOCK watches are designed to stand up to unforgiving environments. In fact, they boast resistance to seven elements: electricity, gravity, low temperatures, vibration, water, physical shock, and trauma.

    But the ability to withstand the elements isn’t enough—a good watch should come out the other end looking like a watch you’d still want to wear. G-SHOCK watches are crafted from scratch-resistant and shock-absorbing materials, like sapphire crystal and a nanoalloy carbon body—because what good is a functional watch if you don’t want to wear it?

    Apart from their rugged good looks, G-SHOCK watches bring a number of technological advancements to classic timekeeping. A solar-powered rechargeable battery means a watch that never dies. Embedded sensors measure direction, barometric pressure, and temperature. A unique bezel design redirects force away from the glass.

    To this, the new G-STEEL adds low-energy Bluetooth and wireless connectivity and streamlines the case, packing even more in a slimmer body. At 53.8mm, the G-STEEL can be paired with a smartphone app, allowing the wearer to customize settings like alarms and timers. Through the app, wearers can set their watch to adjust to changes in time zones or locate a lost phone. Cellphones, which are synced to ultraprecise atomic clocks, can even pass along micro-updates to the time, ensuring the watch is never even a second off.

    The fact is, though time is precious, timekeeping is not for the weak. Modern lives are chaotic and expectations are high, so an everyday watch needs to stand up to anything that might come its way, letting you get more done without slowing you down. Casio’s G-STEEL GSTB100D-1A brings years of timekeeping traditions into the modern world, all in one handsome, rugged package.