Here are the Top 10 Reasons Amazon Channels Will Change the Way You Watch TV

    Here are the Top 10 Reasons Amazon Channels Will Change the Way You Watch TV

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    It’s hard to keep up with all of the great TV these days. Part of the problem (if it can be called that!) is that there are now critically acclaimed shows and movies in every genre—it’s just not drama and comedy that get all the blockbusters anymore. This has led to more compelling television being made available for everyone, but it’s also made it a little easier to get overwhelmed or even lost.

    Without a single, cohesive platform that lets you collect all the shows you watch in one place, it’s hard to know where to look. That changes with Amazon Channels, which allows you to subscribe to only the channels you want, and none of the ones you don’t. Here are just a few ways Amazon Channels makes it easier to take control of the way you watch TV.

    1. Assemble your dream team

    What’s your ideal channel list look like? Does it include HBO for you and cartoons for the kids? Looking for the best shows to satisfy your obsession with British TV? Need the right mix of LGBTQ, horror, and motorsports? Amazon Channels provides a lineup of more than 100 premium and specialty channels, which you can pick and choose from to get access to just about anything you can dream up.

    2. Only pay for the channels you want, not the ones you don’t

    If you’ve ever dug deep into the TV guide, you’ve probably come across all sorts of channels that don’t appeal to you for any number of reasons, or shows that are just plain weird. Save money by skipping them entirely and spend money more wisely.

    3. The shows you love, right on time

    Since Amazon Channels allows you to subscribe directly to channels like HBO, Cinemax, STARZ, SHOWTIME, and PBS KIDS. You can watch the latest episodes of some can’t-miss shows the same time they air on regular cable and satellite TV – there’s no 24 hour delay. You’ll get access to up-to-date episodes without having to wait for months after they air. Popular shows such as Game of Thrones, Shameless, Outlander, and Homeland are just a few of the premium titles available.

     4. A unified, seamless experience

    With Amazon Channels, each subscription is collected into one app, so there’s no need to hunt around among a bunch of different providers in order to find the show you’re looking for. Even better, there’s no need to remember a dozen disparate logins. Every show and movie is just a single, global search away.

    5. Discover new channels, movies, and shows

    With such a robust library coming from over 100 channels like Fullscreen, Lifetime Movie Club and Urban Movie Channel, it’s easy to find something new you’ll enjoy—not just shows and movies, but entire channels that host the entertainment you crave.

    6. Take new channels for a test drive with a free trial

    See a channel that catches your eye? Someone recommend a new show for you to watch? Hesitant about trying out a new channel? There’s no need to risk any cash taking one for a test drive. All channels come with a 7-day free trail to start, allowing to you try them out before you commit.

    7. No cable and no long-term contracts required

    Plus, no equipment rentals, hidden fees, installation hassles, long-term commitments, or cancellation penalties… Add and remove channels whenever you want, and pay for them one month at a time. It’s easy to manage all of your payments through one place: your Amazon account.

    8. Customize your global lineup, and watch TV from around the world

    Uncover a wide range of specialty channels available and experience the best of television and film from around the world with international channels like BritBox, Acorn TV and Pantaya.

    9. Watch anywhere, anytime

    Don’t limit your viewing experience to the big screen—Amazon Channels is available on over 650 compatible devices, such as connected smart TV’s and mobile devices. You can access your channels anytime online at, meaning you have no excuse for being behind on your favorite show.

    10. The familiarity of Amazon Prime

    Amazon Channels is part of the benefits of having an Amazon Prime membership. If you’re not a member already, joining Amazon Prime will gain you access to free two-day shipping (same-day in some zip codes), Prime Music, Prime Photos, Prime Pantry, and more.

    With Amazon Channels, there are more ways than ever before to take control of your TV lineup. Whether it’s the ability to customize your channels or the freedom to add or drop at will, there are now more reasons than ever to love your lineup.