No one has played every video game. Not even the experts. Whether it’s money, time, or you simply aren’t interested. Everyone creates their own gaming history, and that history rarely syncs up perfectly with the pantheon of all-time, must-play games.

In Backlog, Digital Trends’ gaming team goes back to spend time with the important games we never got around to playing. We’ll look back at old games with new eyes to see if we can find whatever got everyone so excited back when they were having their moment.

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Borderlands might be influential but you’ll want to Catch a Ride to the sequel

Borderlands influenced several other first-person shooters, but the original game’s plodding pace and barebones story make it frustrating to play in 2019 and only make the wait for Borderlands 3 more difficult.

Seven years later, ‘Dark Souls’ is still a gloriously punishing masterpiece

Despite my experience and love of From Software’s Dark Souls III and Bloodborne, I never played the original Dark Souls. The new remastered version gave me a chance to remedy that, and it was glorious.

‘Red Dead Redemption’ remains a Western frontier that’s worth saddling up for

We traveled back in time to see if Red Dead Redemption still holds up today. We may have found a few tumbleweeds but it left behind a big set of cowboy boots for Red Dead Redemption 2 to fill.

Why is Bethesda making ‘Rage 2?’ We dove back into ‘Rage’ to find out

Id Software’s Rage saw the famous first-person shooter studio go in a decidedly more serious direction than its past game, and it didn’t always pay off. Rage 2, developed by Id and Avalanche Studios, arrives next spring.

‘Heavy Rain’ is steeped in mood, light on player interaction

'Detroit: Become Human' is the latest cinematic gaming opus from French auteur David Cage, and we were surprised by how much we liked it, but how does 2010's 'Heavy Rain' stand the test of time?

Playing ‘The Sims’ in the harsh light of adulthood

Playing 'The Sims' in high school was a fun way to speculate about adult life. Going back now is a depressing exercise in self-reflection.

The best by far: 10 years in, ‘Far Cry 2’ is still the most exciting of the series

The "Far Cry" games keep giving you more things to do in their open worlds, while whittling away their stories. A decade and four games ago, though, "Far Cry 2" had some groundbreaking story ideas.

It’s really stupid. But ‘Devil May Cry’ spawned much smarter offspring

After more than 15 years, the original ‘Devil May Cry’ is a perfect artifact of its cultural moment, while also contains the seeds of gaming’s present. But, having never played it, we just saw “Stupid Dark Souls”.

The art in ‘Super Mario Bros. 3’ kept me away for 20 years. That was a mistake

For one of Digital Trends’ gaming writers, the art direction in Super Mario Bros. 3 kept him away from the game, but now he’s played it to see if platforming stages are worth our adoration.