Spontaneous Seattle

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    Spontaneous Seattle

    Portland might be most faddish city of the Northwest, but its nearby neighbor to the north is the original gem of the region. Both cities have recently seen a surge of tech companies (for Seattle, the birthplace of Bill Gates and Amazon, it was more of a return), and they both take pride in their educated, liberal populations and bemoan the dreary weather. Still, for cities barely three hours apart, they have their unique advantages. The next time you find yourself partying in Portland, you’d be wise to make the quick trip to Seattle as well, for a fuller Pacific Northwest experience.


    Capitol Hill Neighborhood

    If you’re looking to make the transition from Portland as easy as possible, head straight to Capitol Hill. If you’re looking for where the locals go, head to Capitol Hill. If you’re looking for good food, good beer, and good people, well… you know.

    Beer Tasting

    Seattle and nearby Tacoma are known for their good beer. You might find flights of local microbrews at any number of bars and restaurants, but it’s worth taking a seat at a brewery itself for beer fresh from the source. Black Raven Brewing Company is a local favorite, or try one of Elysian Brewing Company’s three locations for their nationally available brews.

    Pike Place Market

    Seattle is home to a number of markets, including the artisanal Melrose Market, but Pike Place, the original market, is expansive and on the waterfront.

    Seattle Underworld Tour

    Seattle was originally a mining town, attracting every cliché of the American frontier. The quiet, intellectual city was built essentially by a menagerie of miners, outlaws, prostitutes, and vagrants. Underground Tour runs a series of alternative guides to the cities, but the Underworld tour is where you’ll learn about the city’s dubious foundations.

    Space Needle

    Sure, it’s clichéd, but for good reason. Seattle’s skyline is an impressive one, seated near the base of Mount Rainier. Consider the Space Needle, the Empire State Building, and the Eiffel Tower the three structures you should absolutely peak in your lifetime.

    Puget Sound and Washington State Ferries

    If you’re only interest in Washington is the city life, you’re seriously missing out. There are hundreds of islands in the Puget Sound, many of which have short-term lodging. Bainbridge, Vashon, and Whidbey are all easily accessible from Seattle via the Washington State Ferry, but Whidbey might be the most picturesque. Many islands are accessible by bridge, but taking the ferry is half the fun.