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Work/Life: What in the world is my boss thinking?

On this episode of Work/Life, host Greg Nibler is joined by author and Pregame founder Ciara Pressler to discuss one of the topics many workers struggle with: Figuring out what your boss is thinking.
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Dell slashes up to 45% off on all-in-one wireless printers for small businesses

Dell has a sale on a long list of printers going on right now. The printers range from basic desktop printers to large single-roll printers.
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How an umbrella locked tech workers out of their WeWork office for two days

The Twitter community recently tried to help a team of tech workers who were locked out of their office by an umbrella that had jammed the entrance door. But none of their ideas worked, leaving the team locked out for two days.

Slack vs. Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams

Dropbox’s all-new desktop app wants to be your one and only workspace

Dropbox has unveiled its most significant update yet as it continues to move away from its original core service as a place to store files in the cloud, toward a virtual workspace solution that offers all services in-app.
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