The top 10 gadgets, wearables, and apps to take on your run

    The top 10 gadgets, wearables, and apps to take on your run

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    Runners know that every time we leave the house there’s a delicate balance to strike of how much gear to bring—whether to load yourself down uncomfortably or to make sure you have what you need to get around. Keys? Definitely. Phone? Probably a good idea. A good, hefty book? Probably not the time or place. Wallet? Well … now we could go either way. The last thing you need is another item flopping around your nylon shorts, but what if you’d like to hit the juice shop on the way home?
    This is an area where technology can be a real boon. Most of the extraneous items we may or may not need at any given time can be stored on your phone—even the most basic items, like your keys, can be replaced with an app and a smart lock. Doing so means you only have to carry one thing around, making your run more comfortable or shedding precious ounces off your cycle. With that in mind, here’s what you need to make your smartphone a comprehensive hub for your daily cardio.

    1. Chase’s cardless ATM access

    Until lately, cardless banking technology—the most common being near-field communication, or NFC—has been limited to point-of-sale, meaning you can use your phone to make a payment. But what if you need to stop at the bank and make a transfer or withdraw some cash? Chase’s cardless ATM allows customers to access their accounts at any ATM with their mobile wallet. Once your Chase Debit or Liquid account has been loaded into a mobile wallet app (Apple Pay, Samsung or Google Pay), then you can withdraw cash from any Chase ATM — absolutely no physical card is required. Not only is cardless ATM access more convenient, it also makes use of the additional security provided by a modern smartphone—for example, a password, fingerprint scanner, or even facial recognition.

    2. Wireless, sweat-resistant headphones
    Sony is one of the latest manufacturers to release wireless headphones designed for riding, cycling, and other cardio workouts. The WF-SP700N earbuds are sweat proof, noise-canceling, comfortable, and, most importantly, they have clear sound. They’re not quite the Jabra Elite Active, but they’re a solid step up from AirPods.

    3. Tracksmith Longfellow Shorts
    Tracksmith draws their aesthetic from classic, collegial sports, with high-performance, comfortable clothing that elevates amateur athletes over superhuman superstars. As the “Smith” in their name suggests, the brand puts emphasis on craft. Among its many features, the Longfellow shorts have a rear welt pocket designed to hold a phone in a location that minimizes its bounce—and thus discomfort—while you move.

    4. Keego water bottle
    Keego is designed to be the platonic ideal of a water bottle: it’s made of metal—meaning it’s better for the environment and imbues no plastic taste—but, importantly, it’s also squeezable, allowing you to drink easily and quickly while on the go, no slowing down or stopping required. The magic is in the construction process, which blends elastic material with titanium into a 24-ounce, rippled performance masterpiece.

    5. Fitness tracker
    The best way to know you’re improving as a runner is to keep consistent track of your progress. As one of the earliest smart devices, fitness trackers come in all shapes and sizes. Some are designed specifically for runners, while others are waterproof for swimmers. Some are only compatible on Android. Fortunately, Digital Trends has you covered with this guide: “The best fitness trackers of 2018.”

    6. Strava or MapMyRun
    Strava and MayMyRun are two similar apps, both designed to help you plan running and cycling routes, as well as track your progress and compare your stats with friends. Earlier this year, Digital Trends broke down the differences between them. The result isn’t a clear winner, but rather it depends on the features most important to you: live recording, route building, audio feedback, visual data, and social—each app has their edge.

    7. Studio
    Despite its demonstrated health benefits, many would-be runners just find running, well, boring. Studio has stepped in to add extra excitement to daily runs, in the form of a 30-minute class that can be followed on the treadmill or outside. Instructors provide encouragement and audio cues, letting you know when to sprint, when to slow down, and when to recover.

    8. Lumo Run
    Most running apps will help you track your progress, but few will help you improve your form. Lumo Run, billed as a “smart running sensor,” attaches to your shorts or tights, where it can track important running metrics like your cadence and bounce. Not only will this make you run stronger and faster, it will help reduce stress on your joints.

    9. Respa
    While Lumo will help you with your form, Respa will make sure you maintain an optimal breathing pattern—important for cardio health and for stamina. Simply clip the Respa sensor to your collar and let the computer do the rest—it listens to your breathing and notifies you how to reach your optimal zone, whether you should slow down, speed up, or maintain.

    10. DynaFeed
    If you’re craving quantitative feedback on your cardio, but don’t want to load yourself down with a number of sensors, consider the DynaFeed, a breathable, comfortable, and washable shirt with a fitness tracker built in. DynaFeed’s benefits extend beyond runners and cyclers, as it can also track metrics important to weight lifting, yoga, and more.

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