Comic-Con 2018 Complete Coverage

    Where are you ever going to see the actors, directors, and producers of your favorite TV and films in one place at the same time? Comic-Con. Or San Diego Comic-Con International, if you insist on it’s official name. Once just an expo for the graphic novels in its name, the event has evolved into incomparable pop-culture extravaganza, where superfans from every corner of entertainment convene for four days to hear about the next wave of shows, films and books. Naturally, Digital Trends is there, and we have all the latest news right here.

    Comic-Con 2018 highlights: From Star Trek spinoffs to a Star Wars revival

    There was a lot of big news, cool trailers, and exciting announcements made at Comic-Con in San Diego this year. From a Star Trek spinoff to a Star Wars revival, here are the highlights from SDCC 2018.
    comic con highlights star trek discovery season 2 linus

    Watch all the best trailers from Comic-Con 2018 right here

    Comic-Con always brings the premiere of some of the biggest movie trailers and television previews. From Aquaman to Star Trek: Discovery, here are the trailers we are most excited about this year.
    comic con highlights star trek discovery season 2 linus

    The robot apocalypse arrives in the ‘Westworld’ season 2 trailer

    A fittingly violent trailer for the second season of the HBO hit sci-fi series Westworld debuted at San Diego Comic-Con. The panel included the show's executive producers as well as the entire main cast.

    What would Darth Vader drive? A car that looks like his helmet, obviously

    Ever wondered what Darth Vader would drive? This life-size Star Wars-inspired hot rod was unveiled at the 2014 San Diego Comic-Con, sporting a 526-horsepower V8 and a menacing look modeled on the Sith Lord himself.
    Mattel Hot Wheels Darth Vader Car