The best all-in-one computers for 2019

All-in-one computers provide everything your average user might need in a single package, nixing the need for a standalone desktop in favor of a monitor-endowed piece of PC hardware. Out of our hundreds of computer reviews, we’ve come across quite a few all-in-one models, with all kinds of useful features. We were most impressed by the immense HP Envy 34, but there are a number of great all-in-ones for all kinds of users, from designers to gamers and beyond.

If you’re more interested in traditional desktops, these are the best all-round PCs available right now, and here’s a list of the best gaming PCs.

HP Envy 34 Curved

Building on the pedigree of its all-in-one predecessors, HP has built a desk-defining system with the HP Envy 34 Curved. It has an enormous stand and an even bigger display, but that’s because it not only is designed to offer great performance and visuals but be an aesthetically domineering piece of equipment. It’s all you need on your desk for work, entertainment, and play.

Internal hardware options include an eighth-generation Core i5-8400T or i7-8700T CPU paired up with as much as 16GB of DDR4 memory. Graphics include an Nvidia 950M or GTX 1050 and the up to 2TB of storage space can be made up of hard drives or SSDs, with an option for enhancement using Intel’s Optane memory.

As impressive as the hardware inside the Envy 34 Curved is though, the outside is so much more extravagant. The ultrawide, quad HD display has a resolution of 3,440 x 1,440 and thanks to its IPS panel, offers fantastic colors and a 178-degree viewing angle. There are heaps of ports on the base, as well as built in high-quality Bang and Olufsen speakers, and wireless charging support for mobile devices.

Microsoft Surface Studio 2

Microsoft Surface Studio 2
Dan Baker/Digital Trends

Microsoft was a newcomer to the all-in-one market when it released the Surface Studio in December of 2016, but now there is the Surface Studio 2. Though it maintains the same design and 28-inch touch screen 4,500 x 3,000 resolution display as its predecessor, the Surface Studio 2 packs in options for better graphics cards, and greater amounts of memory and storage. It comes with the Core i7-7820HQ CPU and options for a full-sized GTX 1060 or GTX 1070 graphics chip. That makes it the ideal option for serious content creators, designers, and anyone who wants an all-in-one PC that packs a powerful punch. When we reviewed it we lauded its exceptional design and build quality, graphics performance, and super fast SSD.

Apple iMac with Retina 5K display

Apple iMac with Retina

Apple’s 27-inch, Retina display iMac offered the first 5K display in the world. The stunning, 5,120 × 2,880 screen delivers crystal-clear images and sharp text while boasting powerful internal specs. In fact, Apple recently refreshed the 5K iMacs with new eighth generation six-core Intel processors. There’s even an option for the eight-core ninth generation Intel Core i9 processor, for the most power.

Moreover, the all-in-one maintains the stylish design with which we’ve all grown accustomed, reveling in a gap-less front panel and rounded corners that complement the glass-and-aluminum build. The onboard Radeon Pro 570X, 575X, or 580X graphics chip can’t really handle games at full 5K, but it’s sufficient for many at 1440p. There is, however, an option for the much more powerful Radeon Pro Vega 48 graphics, but only on the Core i9 model.

If you have deeper pockets though, you could always opt for the iMac Pro which improves the internal hardware to as much as an 18-core Intel Xeon W CPU, up to 128GB of RAM, and an AMD Vega 64 graphics card for astounding performance. It is $5,000 though, making it a bit of the reach of most potential all-in-one buyers.

Asus Zen AIO ZN242GD

The Asus Zen AIO ZN242GD might have a mouthful of a name, but the system itself is finely tuned, finely balanced, and packed with fine hardware. Starting at $1,000, prospective buyers have the option of Core i5 or Core i7 CPUs and up to 32GB of RAM. That general computing power is paired up with an Nvidia GTX 1050 graphics card which offers passable gaming performance for off-hours fun, as well as the ability to accelerate some 3D application.

Arguably the system’s most impressive feature though is its footprint. Eschewing the large stands of some of its contemporaries, the wine-stem-like frame of the Zen AIO takes up very little desk space, meaning you can use it on even quite diminutive surfaces without it taking over. At just 24-inches, this isn’t the largest all-in-one out there, but at 1080p resolution and with thin bezels it’s a good fit for a compact, but great-looking system.

Acer Chromebase 24 AIO Desktop

Acer Chromebase AIO Desktop

Acer created this Chromebase AIO specifically for people looking for a 24-inch HD desktop in the Chrome OS environment. It’s a great choice for people who work with Chrome every day, but really want a bigger screen than any you can find on a Chromebook.  You can find it for under $500, too, making it ideal for those shopping on a limited budget.

The Chromebase focuses on affordability over power, so the specs are limited: It’s stocked with a Celeron 3215U processor, 4GB of RAM, and a 16GB SSD. Not exactly impressive, but it gets the job done for a Chrome OS setup, which is designed to favor speedy startup and cloud services over local performance. Connections provide USB-A 3.1, USB-A 2.0, and HDMI out. There’s a webcam for conferencing, complemented by four microphones built into the computer. Keyboard and mouse are included with the system, too. If you want to spend a little more, there is a touchscreen version available as well.

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