Is that phone stolen? Check and see with the CTIA’s new tool, the Stolen Phone Checker

    Here to help you ensure that you never break the law, inadvertently or not, is a new tool from the CTIA that lets you check if the phone you're interested in purchasing came from an illegitimate source -- the Stolen Phone Checker.
    nexus 5 smartphone

    If ISPs get their way, your web browser won't be 'sensitive information'

    Mobile broadband providers want to redefine the definition of what's considered sensitive information and exclude it from whatever FCC regulations remain after the FCC chairman and Congress make changes.
    susan collins net neutrality fcc commissioners

    HTC EVO 4G LTE impressions: A good reason to consider Sprint

    Our hands-on impressions of the HTC EVO 4G LTE for Sprint from the CTIA 2012 show floor.

    Brace for Supersonic: Sprint to Unleash First 4G Phone at CTIA?

    Inside sources say Sprint will launch the HTC Supersonic as the first 4G handset in the U.S. next week at CTIA.
    brace for supersonic sprint to unleash first 4g phone at ctia