The Edifice EQB-800: Where analog meets digital

    The Edifice EQB-800: Where analog meets digital

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    edifice eqb 800 watch casio presentedby 2xA watch is more than an accessory. It’s more than a time keeper or something to glance at during long conversations. A watch is an extension of you. The bold, intelligent design of a great timepiece isn’t just what you wear, it’s who you are.

    Edifice embodies this idea beautifully with the connected EQB-800. Built with speed and intelligence in mind, the EQB-800 is for men who like to set the pace at the head of the pack. With a classic design and Bluetooth connectivity, this high-performance watch is the perfect blend of analog and digital.

    Easily connect to your smartphone using the Casio Watch+ App to get automatic time adjustments throughout the day with Accurate Time System. The app connects to a worldwide system of time servers to update the watch’s time automatically 4 times per day. If your phone is connected to the internet via Wifi, or to your service providers’ data connection, you will have access to the time servers. The app also allows you to update your world time settings, countdown timer, and alarm with just a few clicks. Using your phone’s Bluetooth connectivity and the Casio Watch + app, the EQB-800 will always keep precise time. And with just the push of a button, this watch will adjust with you as you cross into different time zones, ensuring you always get the accurate and consistent time.

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    Do you ever lose track of your phone? With all of the technology we have at our disposal, it’s surprisingly easy to misplace a smartphone when you need it the most. With the Casio Watch+ App, you can activate a unique function from your watch that will help you locate your phone. Whether you’re running late in the morning, or you forgot to switch your phone from vibrate to ring, this feature can help make your life a little bit easier.

    While the features of the watch are impressive on their own, the bold look and feel of this timepiece really sets it apart. A sharp elegant case form is set off by thick, powerful-looking hands that catch the eye. Over-sized buttons add to it’s compelling appearance and usability, while the integration of Tough Solar technology generates electric power to support the stable operation of various functions. This seamless fusion of design and functionality keeps the EQB-800 performing at a high level.

    If you’re looking for a watch that won’t slow you down, the Edifice EQB-800 is the perfect piece of tech for your busy lifestyle. An intelligent, yet classic design creates a bold and beautiful look that doesn’t sacrifice functionality. You can learn more about the newest edition to the Edifice from their website, or browse their large selection of timepieces to find one that’s right for you.

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