Are tiny homes a reasonable solution to homelessness?

    With over half a million people homeless in America on any given night, some nonprofits and real estate developers are partnering up to build villages composed of tiny homes that could help address the problem.
    Tiny Home

    How Sara Crochet scooped up a top Nikon award with her very first movie

    Sara Crochet’s story of how she came to win the top prize in a prestigious Nikon contest is a remarkable one. The worthy winner tells us how her short movie came to be, and how it felt to scoop the award.
    Sara Crochet

    How a robot vacuum changed my life for the better

    Global sales are booming for self-guided, robotic vacuum cleaners. You may find that a robot vacuum adds drama and a little suspense to your life while keeping your floors clean.
    amazon cuts the price in half for ecovacs deebot 601 robotic vacuum one day 2
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