Nintendo’s FCC listing suggests the Switch is getting a wireless SNES controller

    Detail shot of the right side of the SNES Classic Edition controller
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    The Nintendo Switch’s versatility is one of its main selling points, and if a new FCC listing is indicative of the company’s plans for future controllers, it could get even more versatile. A wireless SNES-style controller could be on the way, despite the system not currently offering SNES games through its subscription service.

    The listing is available via the FCC website, and is for a “Wireless Game Device.” It’s quite the broad term, but documents contained within the listing show the back of a controller that looks nearly identical to the original Super Nintendo controller, but with slightly raised sections on the top. This could mean it will have additional functionality compared to a standard SNES controller, but it could also mean it will slide onto the Switch’s sides much like the NES controllers available to Nintendo Switch Online subscribers.

    Given the number of controllers meant to emulate classic Nintendo devices already available for the Switch, we’re putting our money on the latter. Nintendo has been remarkably bullish on its subscription service thus far, using it as an alternative to its long-running Virtual Console system. This has been met with some backlash from longtime players who wish to enjoy their digital library on the Switch, and SNES games are one of the biggest omissions. As it stands, traditional 3DS systems can’t play the games unless they were in the “Ambassador” program, though New 3DS consoles can play them.

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    FCC ID

    The move to playing retro Nintendo games through the subscription service isn’t all bad, however. The games come with special online features and the vault continues to grow with games each month. Some of the titles are even available in variants that start you near the end of the game so you can finally know what it’s like to be a winner, and you’re likely to be introduced to a game you’ve never played before.

    It’s unclear when Nintendo would plan to introduce SNES games on Switch, but if you need your fix, you can always play the SNES Classic. Though the console was discontinued, you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding it from resellers.

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