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Still need an outfit for Halloween? Check out these 3D-printed costumes

So it’s getting closer to Halloween and you’re scrambling for a costume idea, or you’re missing that special piece to tie it all together. Well, instead of frantically buzzing around town looking for the right shop with the right stuff, have you considered 3D printed Halloween costumes? Fire up that printer and check out our list of 3D-printable masks and costume pieces to get all geared up for this year’s spooking.

Venetian mask — bq Labs

3D printed halloween costumes

Going for a classier look this year? This Venetian mask would pair nicely with that gown you picked up that one time from the Goodwill bins.

Low polygon mask — Carlos Porto

3d printed halloween costumes 2 low poly mask

Or how about something a little more stiff-chinned, like this ‘low polygon’-style mask. Easily customized and sturdy as heck, this is a good foundation for plenty of costumes.

Rick Sanchez full mask — EasilyUsed

3d printed halloween costumes 2 rick sanchez mask

There will probably be a lot of Ricks out there this year — take the win with this amazing mask! Definitely one of the most impressive 3D-printed masks we’ve seen.

Full-face skull mask — Andrew Askedall

3d printed halloween costumes 2 skull preview featured

Here’s a spookier one to finish off a Grim Reaper costume, Skeletor, or Marvel’s Red Skull.

‘The Mask’ mask — Byambaa Erdene

3d printed halloween costumes 2 the mask

For a different approach to a classic costume, go as the confused Stanley Ipkiss from Jim Carrey’s The Mask — pre-green face.

Shaman mask — Alejandro

3d printed halloween costumes 2 shaman mask

Need a mask to tie together your shaman or wendigo outfit? This full fox skull is just the trick — albeit this is one of the larger prints in this list. The two-part jaw with a fully articulated jaw is definitely worth the filament you’ll burn through, though!

Splicer bunny mask — Audrey2

3d printed halloween costumes 2 splicer bunny mask

Are you a fan of the Bioshock series, bunnies, or creepy half masks? Then this one has got you covered with an unnerving upper-half masquerade rabbit mask.

Dark mask — bq Labs

3d printed halloween costumes 2 darkmask

This two-piece mask is perfect for tying together any generic scary murderer costume you have laying around. The hinged jaw also allows for you to keep drinking while you’re spooking!

Wolf mask — CuriosGreg

3d printed halloween costumes 2 wolf maskj

This full wolf mask is one of the bigger prints on this list, but can be just the right touch you need to tie your Teen Wolf or Little Red Riding Hood costumes together.

LED horns — Adafruit Industries

3d printed halloween costumes 2 led horns

Don’t need a full mask, but want to light your outfit up with a little devilish flare? These LED horns can easily be fitted to your headgear of choice this year and not only will they look cool — the’ll also help you stay visible and avoid becoming roadkill.

Cat ears — TeamTestBot

3d printed halloween costumes 2 cat ears

Horns aren’t what you’re looking for? Or maybe you’re just really into cats? Here is a simple print for some cat ears to get your inner anime on.

Demon baby — Taikonaught

3d printed halloween costumes 2 demon baby

Got a bun in the oven this year and hoping to plan a costume around that? This simple three-part print slipped under your shirt will definitely get you some double takes!

Unicorn horn — Phraust

3d printed halloween costumes 2 unicorn horn

This one is pretty straightforward. It’s a unicorn horn with strap loops. Everyone should own one, regardless of your costume this year. I mean, c’mon.

Bugged-out eyeballs — Stephen Kongsle

3d printed halloween costumes 2 buggingeyeballs

How about an item that you can just wear with an expression? These bugged-out eyeballs can turn an everyday outfit, plus some moves, can make this the costume solution for you.

Moustache for low poly mask — Yvo Waldmeier

3d printed halloween costumes 2 mustache for low poly

If you liked the low-poly mask from earlier in the article, but it wasn’t quite suave enough for you, try out this mustache and eyebrow addition for some more personality!

Pokeball — Andrew Sink

3d printed halloween costumes 2 pokeball

Going as your favorite Pokemon trainer this year, but short on Pokeballs for your belt? Check out this print for a fun design with a magnetic clasp!