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How to delete Siri recordings from Apple servers

Apple customers were livid when they discovered the company used human contractors to listen in on Siri voice recordings as part of a way to improve Siri. Now you can remove your recordings from Apple's server. We show you how it's done.
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How to set up fall detection on Apple Watch

Apple Watch Fall Detection, a feature launched in Series 4, is part of Apple’s overall commitment to wearer's health and well-being, and is tightly integrated with your iPhone. Here's how and why you should use it.
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Three hidden iOS app tricks you didn’t know about

The standard apps that come along with iOS have some handy abilities that aren't obvious at first glance, so come and take a second look as we explain a few a handy tricks.

How to turn on Live Captions in Android 10

The ability to caption audio and video files in real time is an extremely useful feature in Android 10, though Live Caption is only available on certain phones for now. Find out which ones and how to use it here.
Android 10 Live Caption