Innovators: Something amazing

    The technology of tomorrow — and the people making it

    When was the last time you laid your hands on a new innovation, tried it out, and were truly amazed? Maybe it’s your first time driving a Tesla, hearing Dolby Atmos, or gaming in VR. In a landscape littered with incremental improvements and upgrades, it’s those wow moments that we really remember. In the Innovators series, Digital Trends goes behind the scenes with people on the cutting edge of innovation, to see how they do it.

    Inside the high-tech lab that makes the world’s safest bike helmet

    Trek and Bontrager have taken the wraps off of a new cycling helmet that uses WaveCel technology to dramatically reduce head injuries by dispersing the impact in a way that is 48 times safer than current helmets.
    Trek Bontrager WaveCel Helmet

    This $3,600 workstation isn’t just a desk. It’s a cockpit of productivity

    Standing desks? Tired. Cemtrex Smartdesk? Wired. This innovative desk reimagines everything about your workspace, integrating a computer, a Qi charging pad, a document scanner, your VoIP phone, and so much more directly into your workstation. Now that's smart.
    cemtrex smartdesk up close desk feat

    China’s mind-controlled cyborg rats are proof we live in a cyberpunk dystopia

    Neuroscience researchers from Zhejiang University, China, have created a method that allows humans to control the movements of rats using a technology called a brain-brain interface.