Intro to home automation

    Part 1: Set Up / How to install

    Sage makes installing your home security system easy

    It’s never been easier to turn your home into a fully automated, smart home. Join us as our own Holly Resnick shows just how easy it is as we watch her install the SAGE security kit with just a drill, pencil and screwdriver.

    After connecting the hub to your TV, you can use the on screen instructions to help you set up the rest of the security system. The indoor and outdoor cameras only need to be mounted, plugged in, and paired. All of which Holly smoothly walks us through.

    SAGE’s fully integrated system and step-by-step instructions make the set up process quick and simple. So, whether it’s keeping a watchful eye on your front porch, or making sure the temperature is just where you want it when you come home, seamless control over everything from the comfort of your couch or smartphone has never been easier.

    Part 2: Features / How to use

    How to use your Sage home security system

    Finding a home automation system that isn’t overwhelming and confusing can be difficult. Our own Holly Resnick has found just the one!

    We love SAGE by Hughes, a fully integrated home automation and monitoring system with a range of compatible features to choose from in order to customize your very own smart home.

    Holly explains and just how straightforward SAGE’s features are to use and monitor. Once you choose the system you want for your home and go through the very user friendly set up process, the hub’s simplistic interface allows you to access to all its smart features on the hotkeys on the TV remote.  And with motion activated cameras and a doorbell sensor that work together, you don’t even have to leave the couch to see who’s at the front door. It’s right there on your TV screen.

    Another really great, distinguishing feature is My local 911. If you are traveling and are alerted of an emergency in your home, you can simply tap the My Local 911 button in the SAGE app and local emergency responders will be contacted no mater where you are.

    Watch the video for more insight into SAGE’s many smart features you can choose from to bring you comfort and peace of mind.

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