Innovative tech that lets you know the future is now

    Innovative tech that lets you know the future is now

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    lg oled innovative tech presented by logoWhen science fiction writers from the 1950’s and 60’s predicted what the future would look like, they pictured an automated world much like the Jetsons, with hovering cars and robotic housemaids. And while we may not be living in a floating city in the sky, many of their depictions are now true: such as 3D video, driverless cars, and digital assistants. We are surrounded by technical advances that continue to get more and more impressive – so we picked top innovative products available to let you know that the future is here to stay.

    Innovative Camera – Insta360 Air

    Showing pictures from your recent vacation just got a lot more interesting – the Insta360 Air uses two fish eye lenses and automatic stitching software to create 360 photos. In the age of smartphones, it’s a perfect companion: it attaches to any android phone and is enabled to work for live streaming as well.

    Innovative Car – Lucid Motors AIR

    The Lucid Air sounds like a dream, and is almost a reality. It hits the streets in 2019, boasting 1,000 horsepower, 217mph top speed, and autonomous driving technology. The electric vehicle seems like one step away from light speed, while still maintaining sleek and futuristic style.

    Innovative Smart Home Device – Phillips Hue

    The Hue is a Wifi-enabled LED lighting system that lets you create a disco party atmosphere anywhere in your house with the click of a button. The lightbulbs can be installed into any standard lamp or fixture, but you can control them through an app that lets you pick the colour and brightness.

    Innovative Gaming System – HTC Vive

    What’s more innovative than virtual reality? The Vive is an engaging headset that lets you move around freely in a VR space, letting you touch, grab, and manipulate objects as you seem them in 2160×1200 pixel resolution.

    Innovative TV – LG OLED W

    The television is still a staple of the modern living room, but now with some stellar upgrades. The LG OLED W is an award-winning TV that blends seamlessly into your wall for a perfect viewing experience. HDR and Dolby Vision optimizes picture quality, offering 1 billion colours and perfect blacks, so you can enjoy a more vivid and life-like viewing experience.

    Technology has come a long way since your grandma’s CRT TV and your dad’s fax machine. Now that we have so many tech products available to us, it’s time to upgrade to those that make life more vibrant and exciting.