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    Apple iPhone 11 vs. Samsung Galaxy S10e: Which sub-$800 flagship is better?

    The iPhone 11 is a $699 beauty of a flagship phone, but it's up against Samsung's Galaxy S10e at a similar $750. Which one should you buy? We found out.
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    Sony’s insane 16-foot Crystal LED screens will cost more than a Ferrari

    In a surprise move, Sony has announced that its microLED displays that can scale up to a whopping 16K, 17-feet in size, are now available to consumers.
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    Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2: Everything you need to know

    Samsung's latest wearable, the Galaxy Watch Active 2, adds the ability to scroll through Twitter, browse trending YouTube videos, and perform electrocardiogram tests, all with a new digital rotating bezel and 4G LTE connectivity.

    Looking for a good cheap phone? Get the Samsung Galaxy A10 for $145 on Amazon

    Samsung's A-Series lineup features phone models from the low-end to the mid-tier. One of its cheaper ones, the Galaxy A10, is perhaps watered-down specs-wise but still boasts enough workable features that make it recommendable.
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