Sony hosts ‘EVOLVE’ experience with its BRAVIA OLED A1E Series TV

    Sony hosts ‘EVOLVE’ experience with its BRAVIA OLED A1E Series TV

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    Beginning Friday, May 5 through Sunday, May 7 at the Westwood Gallery in the Bowery Arts District in New York City, Sony Electronics will unveil its BRAVIA OLED A1E Series TV to the public. Since its showcase at CES 2017, Sony Electronics has taken a seat at the 4K TV table — and here’s your chance to see it in action.

    Guests are invited to experience an interactive audio/visual installation, where picture and sound come together. With world renowned artist KAZ Shirane and the technology of the BRAVIA OLED A1E Series TV, this unique opportunity is something one should not miss.

    Stop by the Westwood Gallery NYC at 262 Bowery during these open hours:

    Friday, May 5, 1pm – 8pm

    Saturday, May 6, 11am – 6pm

    Sunday, May 7, 11am – 6pm

    For more information, visit

    If you haven’t heard about the BRAVIA OLED A1E Series TV yet, here’s a few things you should know before you see it in person.

    1. OLED: Controlled by Sony’s X1 Extreme processor, you won’t see a blur in the image. The 8.3-million self-illuminating pixels will provide the realistic colors and the blackest of blacks.
    2. Acoustic Surface: The sound is actually transmitted from the entire screen itself. Sony has completely invented a new way sound gets delivered from a TV with the Acoustic Surface technology.
    3. Design: With the edge to edge screen maximizing viewing area, it feels as if you are watching a floating TV. The stand and speakers seem to disappear!
    4. Connectivity: Smart TVs are on a new level, and you can even create a smart home from your BRAVIA OLED A1E Series TV. With the power of Sony’s Android TV platform and the option to link with Google Home, everything will be connected right at your fingertips.

    Check out some photos below:

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