Keep that new iPhone safe with a Speck Presidio iPhone case

    Keep that new iPhone safe with a Speck Presidio iPhone case

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    Apple has made a few missteps since the passing of CEO and founder Steve Jobs, and has been under a lot of pressure following the lukewarm response to last year’s iPhone 7. The company is looking to wow customers with three new phones: the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X, all announced this week at its new headquarters. Starting today, you’ll be able to preorder the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus to arrive on September 22, the same day they’ll hit stores.

    If you’re excited about the premium iPhone X, sadly you’ll have to wait. That phone won’t be available for pre-sale until October 27th, and although time will tell how this one will fare with consumers, expectations are extremely high. It looks like it’s all aboard the hype train for the company’s latest flagship.

    It’s clear that Apple is not taking any chances following the lackluster performance of the iPhone 7. The iPhone X is the company’s most advanced smartphone yet and deserves a high-quality case to match. If you foresee an iPhone X in your future, or are ready to pull the trigger on the iPhone 8 or 8 Plus, then it’s worthwhile to spend a little extra on a solid case to protect your device.

    The new Speck Presidio iPhone case lineup, which launched alongside Apple’s new flagship, is the perfect way to keep that iPhone safe. Speck is a proven name when it comes to protection for your devices, and Presidio cases are tested against environmental conditions, UV exposure, scuffs and scratches, impacts on hard surfaces, and chemicals from household products like lotion and mayonnaise. All Presidio cases also feature raised bezels for additional screen protection from bumps and drops.

    The Speck Presidio iPhone case lineup features three models:

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    Presidio Clear: If a transparent protective case is what you need, the Presidio Clear case has you (and your iPhone) covered. Clear’s seamless single-piece design blends into the lines of your device. With two layers of protection, Presidio Clear protects your phone against drops up to 8 feet. The case has a polycarbonate shell and a layer of Speck’s Impactium Clear rubber that absorbs shock during a drop. Speck’s proprietary clear materials also won’t turn yellow due to sun exposure.

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    Presidio Grip: The Presidio Grip iPhone case stops drops before they happen with raised rubber ridges on the back of the case. These ridges create a no-slip slip grip and they’re angled so that grip stays secure no matter how you hold your phone. Presidio GRIP has an external polycarbonate shell molded together with Speck’s shock-absorbing Impactium rubber to protect against drops up to 10 feet, ideal for glass-backed phones like the new iPhone 8, 8 Plus and iPhone X.

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    Presidio UltraFor the ultimate Speck iPhone X case, look no further than the rugged Presidio Ultra. It boasts four layers of protection: a two-layer case underneath a removable two-layer Impactium Ultra Bumper that provides protection against drops from up to 15 feet. (Even without the Ultra Bumper, the case still offers an impressive 10-foot drop protection.) The Speck Presidio Ultra case also features port and button dust covers and is 16% slimmer than similar cases.

    All Presidio cases for the iPhone X, iPhone 8, and 8 Plus are backed by Speck’s lifetime limited warranty, and they’re available to buy right now on Speck’s website. Pick one up now to get it before your new iPhone arrives.

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