Top places to visit in 2017

    Top places to visit in 2017

    top places to visit in 2017 article image  1presented_by_logoIt’s almost 2017 and your New Year’s Resolution to travel more has never been more necessary. As you plan your puddle-jump and set your sights on far-away places, consider previewing some of the premiere cities in the world from your very own living room.

    To start off your whirlwind tour, travel to the city that never sleeps: Las Vegas. With the CES awards taking place at the very beginning of the year, you can take in amazing tech by day and watch fantastic entertainment by night. (Don’t forget to hit the blackjack tables, too!) Keep tabs on who is taking home the biggest prizes this year – LG is winner of 21 CES Innovation awards with their array of state-of-the-art products. With so much taking place in one city, it’s a shame you can’t be everywhere at once. But you can catch up on coverage from the awards show with the picture-perfect 65″ LG OLED TV – G6. Turn it on and enjoy all the glittering lights of Las Vegas from your hotel or living room.

    Your next stop on your whirlwind adventure should include a city that’s currently enjoying its day in the sun: Havana, Cuba. Bring home videos from one of the biggest music festivals in the world – Havana World Music. Take in the city and bring home of historic buildings, colorful markets, and beautiful beaches. Once you come home, show the images to your family and friends in brilliant color and resolution. Make a slideshow so sure your experiences can always be revisited from your home television.

    Everyone should take a trip halfway around the world at least once in their lifetime. In the city of Seoul, South Korea, you can satisfy your passions for world-class food, futuristic architecture, and shopping (Gangam-style). Prepare for your trip by watching music videos and popular Korean sitcoms, or by taking a Google Earth tour of which incredible buildings to visit.

    So now that you have your award-winning LG OLED TV, preview the trip of your dreams and plan for experiences of a lifetime!