Apple vs. FBI Showdown

    What happens when an immovable object encounters an unstoppable force? We’re about to find out. When the FBI asked Apple to specially engineer software so that it could hack into a mass shooter’s iPhone, Apple’s resistance tipped off a legal battle that is still waging. It’s one for the ages: The world’s largest technology company versus the United States federal government. And the future of your privacy could hang in the balance. Keep track of all the latest developments here, as they happen.

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    FBI inflates the number of encrypted smartphones it can’t access, report says

    In 2017, the FBI reported it was unable to access nearly 8,000 encrypted phones connected to crimes in 2018. A Washington Post story, however, says that number is grossly inflated.
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    Facebook Messenger could emulate Google’s Allo by introducing an ‘encryption mode’

    Ever since the Apple vs. FBI showdown, companies are jumping on the encryption train. The latest could be Facebook's Messenger. Unlike WhatsApp, end-to-end encrypted messaging would only kick in when you're in a special "encrypted mode."
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    FBI will not disclose technique used to unlock shooter’s iPhone

    The FBI has decided to not disclose the method it used to hack the San Bernardino shooter's iPhone. It's a move that will likely tick Apple and privacy advocates off, but the FBI claims its agents do not know the details of the vulnerability.

    Apple’s encryption fight isn’t over, and the stakes have never been higher

    The Apple vs. FBI case isn't just about encryption. It's about preserving essential American freedoms. The FBI claims we must make a choice between privacy and security, but you can't have one without the other.
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