Car Technology Spotlight

    Technology is rapidly changing the cars we drive and even the way we drive. Here’s the latest on how technology is reshaping the driving experience.

    2014 Cadillac CTS pumps engine sound into the cabin using the car’s audio system

    For the all-new 2014 Cadillac CTS, GM is applying the principles of psychoacoustics. CTS engineers have tuned the car with specific audio properties related to its three driving modes and then used the stereo to amplify them.
    all new cadillac cts highlights the power and technology of sound 2014 ctsv  engine

    Watching out when you aren’t: Infiniti’s and Mercedes’ car safety suites square off

    Is Mercedes-Benz’s Intelligent Drive the smart choice or is Infiniti’s Safety Shield better equipped to guard you from harm? We compare the features and put them to use on real roadways to find which suite of tech protectors is most effective.
    Mercedes-Benz ML350