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    Personal privacy is more important than ever in today’s post-Snowden world. Decrypt This is our weekly dose of everything you need to know about encryption, protecting your data, and keeping your identifying information safe while browsing the open web. Stay frosty, people, it’s a virtual jungle out there.

    Security researchers find yet another leak in HTTPS, and it won’t be easy to patch

    End user information could be far more easily pilfered from HTTPS data packets if the HEIST exploit becomes common place. It enables tracking of HTTPS data size, which is enough for older breaches to decode it.
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    Microsoft just made hardware encryption part of Windows 10’s minimum requirements

    Microsoft has listed a Trusted Platform Module chip in the minimum requirements of Windows 10, a move that's meant to increase security, and push biometric login.
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    The Equation Group’s scalpel proves the sledgehammer is unneeded

    On this week's edition of Decrypt This, we dive in deep to the inner workings of the Equation Group, and find out what Kaspersky learned during their yearlong investigation into the shadowy hacking collective.

    OS security showdown

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