Is Defiance a TV show or a video game? Both. In a a bid to combine both media, the Defiance story plays out in both a TV show and video game concurrently, meaning events from one affect the other. While this premise is totally original, as we found out, both the game and SyFy TV series leave plenty to be desired in execution. Read on for a critical look at both, along with more background on how the first combined video game and TV series was made.

    ‘Defiance’ DLC rolling out as the television show moves on to a second season

    Defiance picks up speed with a new second season for the television show, and a reveal of the first of five DLC drops for the video game.
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    ‘Defiance’ continues to roll: New DLC is outlined for the game even as the TV show has been renewed for another season

    Defiance's executive producer has annoucned that every expansion for 'Defiance' will include free content, paid content, and new items for the in-game store. The first DLC, tentatively titled 'Enter the Castithan,' arrives this month
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    “Defiance” Dodge Charger makes the apocalypse look cool

    This customized Charger, built to promote the upcoming SyFy series "Defiance" and unveiled the at Chicago Auto Show, will earn Dodge plenty of street cred with fans of "Mad Max."