Just as every photographer has a unique shooting style, they all rely on different equipment to achieve their art. From cameras and accessories, down to even the cases they use to carry their tools, much of their success depends on the gear they use. In our “Essentials” series, professional photographers – including some of the world’s best – open up their bags to show us what they use to capture stunning images.

    Essentials: Here’s what you to need shoot magazine-caliber celebrity portraits

    For more than 20 years, Greg Gorman has turned his portraitures into works of art, using very basic photographic equipment. He shows us a few of the instruments he employs.
    shoot magazine caliber celebrity portraits heath ledger

    Essentials: Celebrated sports photographer Peter Read Miller on the gear that gets the shot

    Peter Read Miller's amazing sports photography has graced many covers of Sports Illustrated. For his work Miller relies on several key cameras and lenses. He opens up his bags to show us his gear.
    Peter Read Miller action shot