With fingers in pretty much every pie imaginable — search engines, phones, smart assistants, office software, even robots — Google is one of the biggest players in the tech industry, and it can be hard to keep up with everything they do. Thankfully, we keep up with it for you, whether you want reviews, in-depth analysis, or breaking news about what Google’s doing now.

    Google Maps adds tools to help people recover from drug, alcohol addiction

    Google Maps, as part of National Recovery Month, added two new features that will support people on the path to recovery from drug or alcohol addiction.
    waze vs google maps in hand

    How to set up a Chromecast

    Google's Chromecast is one of the most economical streaming devices, allowing you to stream content to any modern TV, and we've got all the info you need to get started. Here's how to set up a Chromecast.
    How to set up a Chromecast

    The best Android apps (September 2019)

    Choosing which apps to download is tricky, especially given how enormous and cluttered the Google Play Store has become. We rounded up 100 of the best Android apps, each suited to a different occasion.

    When is your phone getting Android 10? We asked every manufacturer

    Android 10 is here, and it has loads of exciting new features. Here's when to expect it to arrive on your phone, no matter which brand you own.
    android 10 when do you get it green