Halo 4 roundup

    After years of waiting, Halo returns. Although Bungie has moved on, the series is in the capable hands of 343 Industries, a group of developers that came together solely to work on Halo. To call them dedicated is an understatement.

    So with Halo 4 just a few days off, we collected all of our Halo news, interviews, and videos together in one place, then added our review as the cherry on top. Check it out, then prepare yourselves for the return of the baddest mo-fo around on Tuesday, November 6.

    Prepare yourselves for the coming of Halo 4

    After changing developers, this Tuesday the long awaited return of Master Chief finally comes to us via Halo 4. And we have all the news you’ll need to prepare yourselves right here.
    Halo 4 roundup

    Halo 4 review: The definition of playing it safe

    The Halo brand returns under new management. But fear not, loyal enthusiast, the new caretakers, 343 Industries, know a thing or two about what makes Halo tick. The result is Halo 4, a game that is very much a Halo game, but stops short of being anything new.
    Halo 4

    Bungie enlists Red Dead Redemption designer for its first post-Halo game

    Now that it's no longer churning out Halo sequels, Bungie has picked up designer Danny Bulla to assist with its mysterious next game.