Heartbleed Bug: Our Complete Coverage

    Below is everything we’ve written about the massive bug that has put 66 percent of the Internet at risk. The OpenSSL bug has been around for two years and is in the process of being patched across the Net. It lets hackers abuse the “heartbeat” option of the security protocol that connects a regular computer, phone, tablet, or device to a Web server. On a scale of 1 to 10, at least one security expert called this issue an “11.” Read on to find out how to protect your gadgets, computers, and networking gear.

    Venom’s bite could be worse than Heartbleed’s bark

    Today, security researchers from the firm Crowdstrike reported that a new vulnerability, dubbed 'Venom', could put millions of datacenter customers at risk of infection through a floppy disk bug.
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    Alter your passwords for better protection with LastPass’ ‘Auto-Password Change’

    The password management application LastPass will be updating its popular software with a brand new feature, dubbed "Auto-Password Change," that will change every password associated with a user's LastPass account automatically as frequently as desired.
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    This addon for Chrome, Firefox and Opera will tell you if a site is vulnerable to Heartbleed

    Netcraft isn't the first browser extension to help users guard against the threat posed by Heartbleed, but it is compatible with multiple Web browsers. Learn more here.