Just for the tech of it

    Start your weekend with Just For The Tech Of It, a take on the week’s news … with a lighter twist. Host Drew Prindle serves up all the oddball science and technology news that probably didn’t make it to your news feed. Some dude on Twitter described it as “high-level infotainment,” and we’re stealing his description and his compliment. Thanks, random Twitter guy!

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    Just For The Tech Of It: Pig hearts, eating with electricity, and hiding Earth from aliens

    Electric forks can trick your tongue into tasting salt, pig-to-human heart transplants could be the answer to the worlds organ donor shortage, and how scientists plan to hide Earth from prying alien eyes.
    just for the tech of it pig heart electric fork planet cloaking jfttoi1

    Just for the Tech Of It: Transparent wood, fly-bombing drones, a ninth planet

    Genetically modified flies dropped by drone could solve Ethiopia's tsetse fly problem, transparent wood is the material of the future, and a new planet could be lurking somewhere in our solar system, but we can't even see it.
    just for the tech of it fly bombing drones planet 9 040116