Microsoft unveils the Surface Pro 3

    Surface sales may be slow, but Microsoft hasn’t given up on its halo device for Windows 8. At an event in New York City on Tuesday morning, Microsoft unveiled the Surface Pro 3, a device with Apple’s MacBook Pro squarely in its sights. And based on its extraordinarily thin, lightweight profile, there might actually be a case for it. Check out our full coverage of the launch, spec comparisons, analysis and more below.

    Latest Surface Pro 3 update adds full Pro Type Cover support for older models

    Microsoft's latest firmware update for the Surface Pro 3 adds support for the new Surface Pro Type Covers, making it possible to use the new keyboard accessories on the older Surface 2-in-1s.
    Microsoft Surface 3 type cover angle

    The Surface Pro 3 with Windows 10 receives a performance boost via new firmware

    Microsoft released new firmware for the Surface Pro 3 on Tuesday that promises to boost performance when Windows 10 is installed. The device also received an update from Intel that boosts the performance of docked video and Miracast.
    surface pro 3 firmware update performance microsoft hands on 4 2 1500x1000

    Microsoft may be clearing the way for a new Surface tablet

    Microsoft recently confirmed that it will stop manufacturing the Surface 3 tablet by the end of the year. The device is also currently in limited supply, with only one model in stock on Microsoft's store and two models offered by Best Buy.

    Surface Pro 3 tips to put a smile on your face

    We have a selection of handy Surface Pro 3 tips for you. They should help you unlock the potential of your new Microsoft tablet.
    Microsoft SURFACE Pro 3 start screen