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    Marvel’s Avengers: Endgame review

    Marvel Studios concludes its 22-film saga with Avengers: Endgame, the sequel to Avengers: Infinity War and the culmination of more than a decade of movies. It gives fans one of the franchise's most epic and emotional installments so far.
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    Hellboy review: A gory, entertaining reboot that sells its soul for spectacle

    Stranger Things star David Harbour dons the horns and right hand of doom as the demon hero of Hellboy, but the reboot of the supernatural adventure franchise puts spectacle over heart, and ends up feeling a little too hollow.

    ‘Creed II’ review

    It'd be easy to write off Creed II as a rematch of Rocky IV, but it hits hard with great performances and a surprisingly layered story that explores complicated themes while still offering cheer-worthy moments.

    ‘Halloween’ review

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    ‘First Man’ review

    First Man review

    ‘Venom’ review

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    ‘The Predator’ review

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    ‘It’ review

    It review

    ‘Atomic Blonde’ review

    With some of the year’s best action sequences and an extremely cool heroine in Charlize Theron, ‘Atomic Blonde’ makes it easy to forgive story shortcomings. Read our full Atomic Blonde review.
    Atomic Blonde Review

    Passengers review


    ‘Arrival’ review


    ‘Inferno’ review

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    ‘Snowden’ review

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