Tech That Changed Us

    Gadgets give us an easier way to find recipes, joke with friends, and kill time on the subway, but they can also have a much grander impact on our lives. This holiday season, we’re stepping back to appreciate those moments. In our ongoing series, Tech That Changed Us, DT writers will share personal tales of how tech has truly reshaped their lives for the better. We hope it has for you, too.

    What playing ‘EverQuest’ with my dad taught me about life

    Online gaming isn’t a traditional pillar of family bonding. But playing EverQuest with my dad quickly became a life lesson on practicality, logic, and embracing the person you were always meant to be.
    life lessons my dad taught me through everquest screenshots 07

    Remembering the Christmas when technology saved my life, and my family

    Technology helped one man live to see Christmas Day, and the children he feared he may leave behind. Their wish for Dad to be home Christmas Day didn't come true, but he returned days later.
    how tech saved me on christmas heart valve kp