Wear next

    From health bands like the Fitbit to smartwatches from Apple and Samsung to sensor-enabled workout gear and — ulp! — even Google Glass, technology is moving out of tablets and desktops and onto our very bodies. Digital Trends is deeply immersed in this massive new field, and in this weekly column we rank the latest developments, compare new products, and sort innovation from encumbrance to help you do more with this new technology.

    Where’s our wearable revolution? The state of tech’s biggest unfulfilled promise

    In the last installment of Wear Next, we step back to look at how far wearables have come, promises left unfulfilled, and what’s ahead for this promising technology.
    Apple Store Watch

    What becomes of the Misfits and FitBits of the world after the Apple Watch? Apps.

    Are hardware manufacturers already planning for a life after fitness trackers? Yes, and it looks like an app.
    apple watch

    Forget the Apple Watch, Pebble is far more fascinating

    Pebble CEO Eric Migicovsky is happy to point out the company’s smartwatch is “the most popular smart watch platform in the world right now.” But can this tiny business keep up with the Apple Watch? Let’s hope so.