Windows Phone 8 News, Rumors, and Launch Coverage

    For two years, Microsoft has tried and tried again to make Windows Phone a popular third place contender in the smartphone market, but today it still sits with single digit (seriously, 1 digit) market share. But there is hope. Windows Phone 8 is Microsoft’s boldest attempt yet to energize consumers and handset makers. Windows Phone 8 devices will hit shelves in early November, days after Microsoft’s big Windows 8 launch on October 26 — a PC and tablet OS designed to look like Windows Phone. Below is all of our Windows Phone 8 coverage, wrapped up in one place for your reading pleasure.

    Facebook code changes mean Windows Phone no longer syncs up with the social network

    A change in Facebook's Graph API means several key features in Microsoft's Windows Phone mobile operating system will no longer work correctly, including contact syncing and photo sharing.
    Windows Phone

    Microsoft promises a Windows 10 update for all Lumia Windows Phone 8 owners

    With Windows 10 still a year out from availability, we've assembled announces pertaining to current Windows Phone handsets receiving the update. Read on to see if your phone made the cut.
    android emulator for windows phone 10

    Nokia Lumia 1320 unveiled with 6-inch screen and cheap price tag

    Nokia just unveiled a budget 6-inch smartphone called the Nokia Lumia 1320. Featuring a dual-core processor, 720p screen, and 5-megapixel camera, it comes in much cheaper than the flagship 1520.

    Nokia Lumia 925 review

    Nokia Lumia 925 front home

    HTC 8XT review

    HTC 8XT back camera angle

    Nokia Lumia 920 Review

    Nokia Lumia 920 press image

    Samsung ATIV Odyssey Review

    The Samsung ATIV Odyssey is a capable budget phone that reminds of Galaxy S phones of the past (in a good way). But with so little to differentiate Windows Phone 8 devices from each other at this price point, can the Odyssey stand out?

    Nokia Lumia 810 Review

    Nokia Lumia 810 review