Allison Matyus

    Allison Matyus

    Allison Matyus is a general news reporter at Digital Trends. She covers any and all tech news, including issues around social media and data privacy.
    Allison was previously a freelance journalist for the Chicago Tribune Media Group covering local news in Chicago’s South Suburbs. She’s also written for The Idea Forge, where she covered the city's tech industry and startup landscape.
    Allison spent nearly two years as a Senior Reporter at Chicago’s oldest neighborhood newspaper, The Hyde Park Herald, where she covered politics, education, real estate, retail, and development. 
    Living in Chicago, Allison has her own personal wellness blog and loves to travel to national parks. 

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    How to watch NASA’s first all-female spacewalk on the ISS online

    NASA's first all-female spacewalk will take place outside of the International Space Station on Friday -- and you can watch the whole thing live right here on Earth.
    Emerging Tech

    Bop it, twist it, pull it, grip it: MIT robot hand can pick up objects with ease

    Engineers from MIT have figured out a way to make a robot grasp an object quicker and more efficiently, instead of fumbling around.

    GoDaddy is down, with 2,000 reporting issues with accessing websites

    Websites that are hosted on GoDaddy have been experiencing problems on Thursday, October 17. An outage map shows that affected outage areas are all over the U.S., especially big cities. There have been more than 2,000 reports of issues.
    Social Media

    Zuckerberg says it’s not Facebook’s job to worry about misleading political ads

    During a visit to Georgetown University, Mark Zuckerberg talked about why Facebook won’t ever ban political ads. Zuckerberg said that political advertising is more transparent on Facebook than anywhere else.

    Dream job will pay you $1,000 to binge-watch Disney+. Here’s how to apply

    A review company will pay up to five people $1,000 to watch a variety of movies and TV shows to be featured on the upcoming Disney+ streaming service -- you just need to watch 30 of them in 30 days.
    Emerging Tech

    Hurricanes stir up ‘stormquakes’ at the bottom of the sea, scientists discover

    An earth-shaking study found that hurricanes can make the seafloor rumble like a 3.5-magnitude earthquake. It sounds scary, but "stormquakes" are only detectable with a special type of military sensor.