Stephen Edelstein

    Stephen Edelstein

    Stephen is a regular contributor to the cars section at Digital Trends. He’s been obsessed with cars since long before he could see over a steering wheel, building up an encyclopedic knowledge of all things automotive. He began his career in journalism as the editor in chief of his college newspaper, and has gone on to write for multiple publications on a range of automotive topics. He keeps an eye on the future of electric cars and connectivity, but maintaining an ample appreciation for what made cars great in the first place, from good old-fashioned horsepower and speed to motor sports. If he’s not in front of a computer pounding out a story, Stephen is usually traveling the country driving the latest cars. He’s also an avid photographer, always searching for the perfect combination of stylish car and scenic photo location.

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    The Audi AI:Trail Quattro concept is the off-road EV of our dreams

    The Audi AI:Trail Quattro concept doesn't look like a typical autonomous concept car. An Audi teaser photo shows a vehicle that looks ready for off-roading.
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    2020 Lincoln Aviator first drive review

    The 2020 Aviator offers everything you’d want from a luxury SUV and adds a touch of speed. You'd best buckle up, 'cause this Lincoln really flies.

    A self-driving Toyota will escort the 2020 Olympic flame in Tokyo

    Toyota will use the 2020 Tokyo Olympics to show off its zero-emission vehicle tech. The automaker will have everything from electric scooters to hydrogen fuel-cell buses on hand.

    New Rivian video showcases its electric trucks’ camping credentials

    Rivian shows off the camping capabilities of its R1T electric pickup truck in this new video. With storage space aplenty, the R1T looks like a great camping vehicle.

    Opel is creating an electric car rally racing series for Europe

    Opel is the latest automaker to try electric racing. The German firm is launching a rally series using a race-prepped version of its Corsa-e electric car.

    2020 Chevrolet Bolt EV rated at 259 miles of range, outpacing most rivals

    The 2020 Chevrolet Bolt EV will have the longest range of any mass-market electric car, according to a new report. Range is expected to increase to 259 miles per charge.