VR Headset and Accessory Reviews

    HTC Vive Cosmos hands-on review: Flippin’ genius

    With its flip-up screen and built-in sensors, the HTC Vive Cosmos goes a long way towards making virtual reality easy and convenient for use at home.
    htc vive cosmos review press shot

    Lenovo Mirage AR with Marvel Dimension of Heroes hands-on review

    We play Marvel: Dimension of Heroes on the Lenovo Mirage AR headset, a phone-controlled augmented reality experience, in a hotel room in Berlin.
    lenovo mirage ar marvel dimension of heroes review superhero

    Oculus Quest review

    Oculus announced that its Project Santa Cruz virtual reality headset will ship next year as the Oculus Quest, and we got to try out several new game titles on the Quest. Find out our impressions of VR without wires.

    HTC Vive Pro review

    Say hello to the Vive Pro. Building on the success of the original Vive headset, the Vive Pro promises to deliver unparalleled visuals with improved fit and finish. Let’s find out if it lives up to those lofty promises.

    PlayStation VR (2017) review

    A year after launch, Sony’s second take on the PlayStation VR headset makes key upgrades for convenience, but changes nothing under the hood. Is that worth an upgrade?
    playstation vr 2017 review prod

    Acer Windows Mixed Reality Headset review

    It’s a neat, tidy little package, but is Acer’s VR headset really a challenger to the two undisputed champions of the VR space? During our Acer Mixed Reality Headset review, we find out.
    acer windows mixed reality headset review prod

    Google Daydream View (2017) review

    Got a Samsung Galaxy Note 8? LG V30? Pixel 2 XL? Interested in virtual reality? Google’s Daydream View (2017) headset lets you quickly jump right in to play games, watch 360-degree content, and more. It costs a little more, but boasts considerably better build quality than its predecessor.

    Samsung Odyssey hands-on review

    Samsung’s Odyssey brings high-resolution OLED screens, a wider field of view, more adjustability, and even built-in headphones, making it the best Windows Mixed Reality HMD yet.

    Oculus Touch review

    Oculus' intuitive Touch controllers are getting Rift owners out of their seats and onto their feet. But is that enough to shake up the comfortable lead enjoyed by HTC’s Vive?

    Google Daydream View review

    Google’s competitor to Samsung’s Gear VR is here. The Daydream virtual reality platform on Android is promising high-quality content, but it’s only compatible with Google’s Pixel smartphones right now, and the Daydream View headset.
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